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What is a Life Tribute?

  • A Life Tribute is a personalized funeral or memorial service experience built upon the stories, shared history, passions, beliefs, accomplishments, traditions, special interests & favorite music that defined a person's life no matter its length.
  • A Life Tribute is a wonderful way for a family to be supported in their loss in a spirit of loving community.

What is a Life Tribute Celebrant?

  • A Life Tribute Celebrant is someone who is trained and certified to meet the ceremonial needs of families at the beginning of their grief journey.
  • A Life Tribute Celebrant is someone who plans and officiates a service that tells, honors and totally reflects the unique life story and personality of the loved one who had died. 

Why Use a Certified Celebrant?

  • Those families who do not have their own clergy or place of worship, or who consider themselves "spiritual, not religious" or "non-religious" are a perfect fit for a Certified Celebrant.
  • Those religious families who want a Life Tribute in advance of or following a liturgical service, or to share a service with their own clergy are a perfect fit for a Certified Celebrant.
  • It is important that families are well-served by someone who understands the value of the funeral or memorial service as a first step in the healing process, and is prepared to offer them the very best experience possible.
  • The in-depth training for Celebrants established by the In-Sight Institute provides the most comprehensive and sensitive education available.
  • The In-Sight Institute's motto is: No more cookie cutter funerals!

Why Pris?

  • She is a USC graduate with 40 years experience as a professional writer, speaker, workshop leader, event planner and music producer.
  • She has happily undertaken the independent study of human culture & consciousness, myth & story, religion & wisdom traditions, anthropology & sociology, science & spirit, creative approaches to healing & self-discovery, ancient civilizations & cosmology, and music & the arts for 50 years.
  • She has been trained and certified by the In-Sight Institute to design a custom service for you and your loved one that is wholly original and highly personal.
  • She will schedule and facilitate a special Family Time to share memories, anecdotes, stories and special moments in your loved one's life and your relationship with them.  
  • She will consult with you and your family to ensure these family remembrances are the essence of the service, along with any wishes the deceased may have left behind.
  • She will co-create a heart-centered gathering with a gentle mood, by being a comfortable, caring presence and a sincere professional Celebrant. 
  • She can serve as the Celebrant for a funeral, memorial, graveside or scattering service, as well as tree plantings, bench dedications, star naming or any other gathering that honors the life of your loved one.