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Custom Ceremonies

A Rite of Passage

  • n. an important event that marks the transition from one stage of life to another; associated with a change of status for an individual.

A Ceremony

  • n. the formal act or series of acts conducted on a joyous or solemn public occasion to honor & celebrate a rite of passage.

An Officiant / Celebrant

  • n. the one who presides over & officiates the ceremony.

Your Custom Ceremony will

  • Honor and reflect those values, beliefs and guiding principles most dear
  • Promote a celebration of love, life, beauty, enchantment, upliftment and healing
  • Tell your love / relationship / family story, and invite participation, inclusion and fellowship
  • Be eloquently, gracefully and heart-fully officiated on a day, time and location of your choosing
  • Be yours: formal / informal; large / small; public / private; traditional / non-traditional; indoors / outdoors; public / private
  • Life Tribute Memorials are personally drawn from & uniquely include any / all of the following elements (plus any special family / cultural traditions): Gathering; Setting the Scene; Family Procession; Welcoming Words; Setting Sacred Space; Opening Blessing / Invocation; Readings; Quotations; Message on Life & Death; His / Her Life Story (Eulogy); Family Reflections; Community Sharing; Visual and/or Musical Tribute; Military Honors; Symbolic Flourish; Conclusion; Closing Blessing / Benediction; Recession
  • Graveside, Burial at Sea, Scattering or Memorial Marker Services are completely personalized to meet each family's individual needs
  • Other creative ways of honoring life, love, family, home & community are thoughtfully co-created to fulfill your vision
  • Your Custom Ceremony includes

    • A complimentary conversation to see if what I offer best meets your need
    • A 2-4 hour in-depth conversation, either in-person, on the phone or via Skype
    • Unlimited phone / email / text support throughout the creative planning process  
    • A beautiful, one-of-a-kind ceremony written / officiated to celebrate your love & loved one!
    • Embellishments / cultural & family traditions / symbolic flourishes as desired (see below)
    • Coordinating the rehearsal; staging the ceremony; logistical / production assistance as needed 
    • Pris by your side for 15-20 hours of meeting, writing, preparing, staging, presiding & wrapping up   

    Beautiful locations for Sacred Ceremonies have been

    Embellishments / cultural traditions / symbolic flourishes may be

    • Anniversary Love Letters
    • Balloon Release
    • Blanket / Quilt Ceremony
    • Blending of the Sands
    • Blessing of the Stones
    • Butterfly Release
    • Canopy of Love
    • Ceremony of the Earth
    • Circle of Love
    • Community Singing
    • Drum Circle
    • Family Candles
    • Family Vows 
    • Fire Ceremony
    • Flying Wish Lantern Release
    • Guided Release
    • Including the Children 
    • Memorial Love Letters 
    • Native American Give-Away Ceremony
    • Passing the Peace / Passing the Love 
    • Planting a Tree / Bamboo
    • Storytelling / Elder Wisdom
    • Tea Ceremony
    • Tokens of Appreciation 
    • White Dove Release
    • anything else special you have in mind!