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2003 ~ Established her "Ministry of Personal Journeys" 

2008 ~ Joined the award-winning team of "Great Officiants" in Long Beach, CA 

2011 ~ Became widely recognized as highly adept at co-creating meaningful ceremonies that skillfully & artfully unite cultures, customs, religions, faiths & family traditions 

2012 ~ Co-officiated a unique custom wedding ceremony that blended Christian & Sri Lanakan Buddhist traditions

2013 ~ Became a Certified Life Tribute Memorial Celebrant by the nationally recognized In-Sight Institute

2016 ~ Became an on-call Celebrant for Heritage-Dilday Memorial Services of Huntington Beach

2018 ~ Expanded her Ministry of Personal Journeys to include Good Vibrations: The Sacramental Alchemy of Sound, Scent, Stones & Healing Touch


Priscilla A. Munson, BA, Rev., CMP, CC, a Long Beach, CA native, is the daughter of a psychiatrist and a homemaker / visual artist / philanthropist who inspired in her a passion for deep personal inquiry and service to humanity through metaphysical eyes and an open heart.

Her special gift is guiding others toward a highly personal, felt experience of their sacred multi-dimensionality.

Pris is an honoring presence of loving intent who recognizes the need we all have to be met where we are, seen, heard, valued and deeply appreciated.

Her mission is to be a beneficial, helpful, positive presence on the planet as we humans awaken; throw off the shackles of a deliberately manufactured  'consensus reality'; collaborate to ensure our species' survival in a world that works for everyone; and assume our rightful place in the Cosmos as conscious, loving, intentional co-creators.

For over 50 years she’s been fascinated with the evolution of human culture, consciousness & cosmology, frontier & noetic sciences, wisdom traditions, ancient civilizations & hidden origins, paranoramal phenomenon, animal communication, sacred sites, mythology, anthropology, sociology, psychology, astroastronomy, astrology, ufology, music-making, art-making, and the nature of polarity, creativity, healing & soul on planet Earth and beyond.

During these decades of independent scholarship, Pris was mentored by Little Crow, a Lakota-Dakota Sioux, for 20 years until his transition in 2004.  He lovingly instilled in her his basic spiritual tenants that Everything is Sacred, Everything is Connected, Everything is Related, and You Make A Difference by showing up for your life and doing your very best on whatever road you are called to walk. 

For over 10 years, Christian mystic Rev. Dr. Iris Freelander mentored her in the art of meditation, intentionality, collaboration with the angelic realm and sacred ceremony, as did Rev. Dr. Mary Ellen Kilsby, who taught her about social justice and inclusiveness by fine example.

And since 2003, local visionary author / seer, Betty Webb-Pecharich, has provided Pris with on-going insight into Catholic / Christian mysticism, esoteric concepts / literature, the cultivation of a personal relationship with God / the divine dimension, and the role / value of leading from a deep place of intuitive knowing. 

After first hearing the call to ordination as a youngster and later, receiving Little Crow, Rev. Dr. Iris Freelander, Rev. Catherine Morris, Rev. Dr. Mary Ellen Kilsby and the ULC's (, her intuitive practice of vibrational attuning, holistic bodywork, sacred ceremonies and serving elders became her Ministry of Personal Journeys in 2003. 

In addition, Pris was one of Alan Katz's premiere Long Beach-based "Great Officiants" at from 2008-2016.

As a non-denominational, inter-faith officiant & certified celebrant and now, a sound bath meditation practitioner, her work is framed by a deeply heart-centered, embodied sense of love-in-action and pantheistic spiritual world view in which The All That Is, Is More and Ever More... and We Are One.  

In 2012, Pris was honored to co-create & co-officiate an hour-long one-of-a-kind blending of Christian & Buddhist wedding traditions with a Sri Lankan Buddhist colleague, and looks forward to many more of these unique inter-faith celebrations. 

On February 24, 2013, she became a Certified Life Tribute Memorial Celebrant through In-Sight Institute, who along with its other division, In-Sight Books, has been training funeral professionals from around the world for over three decades.

In the spring of 2016, Pris became one of Heritage-Dilday Memorial Services on-call Celebrants in Huntington Beach, CA, where on occasion, she partnered with other clergy to ensure a loved ones' life was fully and accurately remembered.

And in the spring of 2018, she launched Personal Journeys through Deep Listening in response to discovering her noble purpose as a safe container for the creative exploration of Who & What We Really Are: divine sparks of The One love intelligence having a human experience in fulfillment of sacred purposes.

She has received training from the Soundbath Center in Los Angeles, along with personal coaching from professional percussionists & local sound bath practitioners.


From 1978-1999 Pris specialized in producing a wide range of public events in diverse settings from small, intimate gatherings to large theater / arena symphonic concerts that reached millions of people in Long Beach / LA / Orange counties.  During this time as Artistic Director of the Long Beach Symphony for 12 1/2 years, she helped guide the Orchestra to new levels of artistic / production achievement, collaboration & co-creation from behind-the-scenes.  Then, as Theater Critic for Gazette Newspapers in Long Beach, she reviewed nine companies in her weekly "From the Front Row" column for a year.  Pris pursued her love of choral and vocal studies in the Long Beach public schools from 2nd grade through University at the prestigious USC Thornton School of Music where she was a member of the Concert Choir, Trojan Chorale and the Hoover Street Music Company, performing solos live at the Greek Theater in the annual Songfest.  These professional activities in artistic direction, theater / concert operations, major event planning / coordination, writing and performing are drawn upon in her sound bath meditation and officiant / celebrant work today.

Pris belongs to the USC Alumni Association, was a frequent seminarian / work scholar at the famed Esalen Institute in Big Sur, CA from 1987-2012, and began attending the Omega Institute in upstate New York in 2017 and Findhorn in the Scottish Highlands in 2018.  Other interests include reading, connecting-the-dots, communing with nature & animals, water sports & bicycling, adventuring off-the-beaten-track, contemplative & exploratory practices, cultivating telepathy & the clair-senses, sky watching, bird watching, singing, art-making & sewing.

She lives in a quaint historic neighborhood in Long Beach with Sydney the rascally green-cheek conure and Mattie the young tortie cat.  Her beloved parents, canine soulmate Timmy, feline soulmates Mattie, Felicia & Mr. Santorini, and her mentors Little Crow, Rev. Iris & Rev. Mary Ellen are with her now in spirit.




Those whose work she gratefully credits with contributing to her evolving consciousness & sacred work include:

Kirsten Adams * A Course in Miracles * Agape * Richard Bach * Dr. Ysaye Barnwell of Sweet Honey in the Rock * John Beaulieu * Rev. Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith * Rick Berry * Poet William Blake * Barbara Ann Brennan * Dr. Doug Bowers * Jimmy Buffett * Leo Buscalia * Ray Busmann * Dolores Cannon * Ken Carey * Barbara Charlwood * Alan Cohen * Emilie Conrad * Contact in the Desert * Stephen Covey * Deepak Chopra * Jimmy Church * Conversations with God * Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi * David Roman Daniels * Charles De Lint * Richard Dolan * Dr. Dream & Stephanie * Miriam Drake * Wayne Dyer * Duane Elgin * Erez * the Esalen Institute * the Esalen Massage Crew * Maestro JoAnn Falletta * Rev. Dr. Iris Freelander * Paul Ferrini * Diana Gabaldon * Kahlil Gibran * Elizabeth Gilbert * James Gilliland * Dr. Amit Goswami * Grandmother & Grandfather * Alex & Allyson Grey * Shannon Green * Lynda Sue Marks-Guarneri * Edgar A. Guest * Steven Halpern * Graham Hancock * Thich Nhat Hanh * Manly P. Hall * Dr. William C. Han * Paul Hawken * Louise Hay * Gay & Kathlyn Hendricks * Esther & Jerry Hicks * James Hillman * Albert Hoffman * His Holiness the Dalai Lama * Ernest Holmes * Emma Curtis Hopkins * Linda Moulton Howe * Barbara Marx Hubbard * Dr. Valerie Hunt * Aldous Huxley * the Institute of Noetic Sciences * the Integratron * Carl Jung * Alan Katz * Rev. Dr. Mary Ellen Kilsby * Sam Keen * Stanley Keleman * David Kessler * Sue Monk Kidd * Rev. Patricia King * Daphne Rose Kingma * Jack Kornfield * Krishnamurti * Rabbi Lawrence Kushner * Len & Lisa * George Leonard * Stephen Levine * Dr. Bruce Lipton * Little Crow * Annemarie Lovdahl * MAPS * Terence & Dennis McKenna * Lynne McTaggert * the Magus of Strovolos * Fabien Maman * Juliet Marillier * George R. R. Martin * Shirley MacLaine * Merrill & Malen * Christopher Minnes * Dr. Edgar Mitchell * Robert Monroe * Thomas Moore * Dr. Alfred & Dorothy Munson * Carolyn Myss * Daniel Nahmod * Mark Nepo * Mary E. Newkirk * Dr. Michael Newton * Dr. Gerald North * Nikki Neumeroff * Neville * Shannon O'Sullivan * Mary Oliver * PARABOLA * The Peace Pilgrim * Betty Webb-Pecharich * Ron Pevny * Andrea Pinkham * Brother David Steindl-Rast * Sondra Ray * Ranier Maria Rilke * Robin & Linda * Ken Robins * Richard Rohr * Elisabeth Kübler-Ross * don Miguel Ruiz * Rumi * Daniel Sheehan * Peter Russell * Raphael Sason * Dr. Robert & Katie Schoch * David Schiffman * Freddy Silva * Paul Stamets * Suspicious Observers * Barbara Swetina * Temple of Awakening Divinity * Temple of Everflowing Grace * Rabbi Zalman Schachter Shalomi * Mary Murray Shelton * Florence Scovel Shinn * Maestro Murry Sidlin * Dr. Rick Strassman * Gary Strauss * Richard Tarnas *  Charles Tart *  Lao Tzu * Jacques Vallee * Doreen Virtue * Alan Watts * Margaret Wheatley * Walt Whitman * David Whyte * Marianne Williamson * Deborah Wilson * Paramahansa Yogananda * Gary Zukav