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Good Vibrations invite your "oscillating watery super-conductor cosmic bio-bodysuit" back to a state of coherence from which health, creativity, imagination & vitality freely flows.

The sacramental alchemy of sound, scent, stones & gentle touch -- this creative Sui generis -- sets in motion healing & self-discovery; invokes deep relaxation; liberates stagnant or blocked energies; increases sensory awareness; celebrates well-being and initiates a blissful re-union with Source energy.

Did you know a Personal Journey through Deep Listening actually begins when you make this divine appointment with yourself? 

So be like a detective, in playful search of inner truths & deep yearnings.  At our appointed hour, we'll briefly review why you've come, your current state of being and intention for your session.  Perhaps an oracle card will help illuminate the symbolic / metaphysical content you are in the midst of exploring... 

Soon your meditation will commence, comfortably clothed, bundled in soft fabric, lying on a massage table in a peaceful temple-like setting in my home.

Your human energy field will be bathed in deliciously unique tonal & atonal sonic landscapes through the intuitive combination of Acutonicstm Planetary Hand Chimes, Crystal Tonestm Gemstone Alchemy & Frosted Singing Bowls, Dr. Dream's Nepalese Singing Bowls, Koshitm  Elemental Wind Chimes, a HOKEMAtm Kalimbas (A minor), Ocean & Buffalo drums, a Shruti box along with my mezzo-soprano voice, and more.

Either before or after this Ceremonial Sound Bath, you may be anointed with sacred essential oils.  Beautiful crystals & stones from around the world may also be placed on or around your body to accentuate your meditation.  And finally, gentle therapeutic hand placements may be offered to release any residual holding, and seal in the work.  (See below for modality descriptions.)

This multi-dimensional vibrational feast for your senses & inner knowing will be like no other bodywork or energy healing session you've ever had!

So come feel your Essence playing in the resonant field of love, light & unlimited possibilities -- and Re-member Who You Really Are!

Don't worry, you won't be rushed out the door.  There will be ample time for grounding & processing before re-entering the outside world in your new state of being. 

Be sure to minimize any external demands or commitments for several hours after your meditation.  Allowing the afterglow to leisurely reverberate will increase its therapeutic value. 

Your Good Vibrations Sound Bath Meditation is a powerfully profound experience that will organically integrate into your conscious awareness in the days that follow.  Should there be any questions, comments or concerns during this process, you are invited to reach out for support & perspective!    

"With my eyes closed and perception directed inward,
simultaneous layers of activity are at play.
I sense movement as I lie quiet,
aware of impulse within my mind at rest.
Thoughts tumble into consciousness,
roll over and shuffle off.
I am the composer and the composed,
the musician and the listener,
the instrument and the player.
I am simply feeling more of myself."

-from Between Heaven and Earth


A wakens the healer within   P romotes self-discovery   E ngages the senses   R estores natural rhythms   S oftens the body-mind   O pens blocked energy   N ourishes the heart   A nchors ideas in an experience   L ightens the load   J ostles the memory   O ffers resources   U nifies body & soul   R evives the spirit   N urtures wholeness   E xpands awareness  Y ields a new beginning

Acupressure ~ stimulates the body's electromagnetic currents so that your vital life force (chi) flows uninhibited again.

Craniosacral Unwinding ~ helps your whole body relax 'from the inside out' through small, slow, non-invasive movements in the skull, neck, face, spine, hips, knees, ankles and connective tissue.

Crystals, Stones & Reiki ~ clears, cleans and vibrationally attunes your chakras and human energy field through the transmission & circulation of universal life-force energy.

Sacred & Essential oils ~ pamper your senses, spur memories and awaken emotions.

Polarity ~ balances opposite energies.

Sensory Repatterning ~ increases range of motion, decreases joint pain and elongates soft tissue through artful rocking, cradling and slow motion of the body.


Feline & avian healing energies lovingly provided by Mattie, the young torti cat & Syd, the rascally green cheek conure!

Pyramidal & Egyptian energies, sacred geometry & spiritual imagery, beautiful art & natural elements
will surround you in my 'tree house sanctuary.'

No two sessions are ever alike!