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"Thank YOU, Pris. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate all the time, thought, and energy you put into the service.  I was very impressed with how well written the service was; you brilliantly captured my mother's spirit and life.  So many people inquired if you had known her or been friends because you personalized it perfectly.  When I began planning the service, Julie said to me 'Too many funerals are so impersonal. Unless the person is an active member of a church, officiants just get up there and read a prepared speech which can come off as cold.  How are you going to make sure that doesn't happen?'  Honestly, I was so caught up in the minutia of my mom's death and everything else going on, I hadn't even considered that point.  I am so glad she thought to mention it because I was able to thoughtfully choose you. I am beyond grateful for the little touches you included, like the worry dolls, the thoughtful poetry and bible verses, the eulogy was so detailed and peppered with tiny details from her life which added up to so much of her personality. I'm gushing, I know. It was a wonderful service, Pris, and mostly because of you."

- Tiffany

"I knew it was going to be amazing. But it was better than I had imagined. I can't think of anything unsaid or not done to honor Mom more. And the best was that every word, every second, was pure and honest.  I think new friendships were made, and re-connections, and new circles formed. All because of Mom. That was awesome."

- Robyn

"Everyone has commented on what a great celebration it was. Priscilla Munson did an excellent service.  We are very grateful for the way she captured Michael."

- Avis via Heritage-Dilday Memorial Services

"Pris, I can't thank you enough for taking the time to get to know EVERYTHING about my son Justin's life and speaking so eloquently. I will never forget it."

- Lori

"Thank you, Pris, for putting together my dad's story and officiating over his service.  I received many compliments from people, several saying it was the best funeral that they had been to with all the various ceremonies, speakers, singer and flow of it all.  It really all came together."

- Stephanie

"Pris, thank you again for such a beautiful ceremony. Everyone in my family thought you really captured my Mom, and we were greatly touched by all your beautiful words. My Mom would have loved it!"

- Karen

"Pris, thank you so very much for the excellent service today. The consensus from all the attendees was that it was one of the best services they had ever been to.  Linda would have been very pleased. It was a great tribute to a very special lady. Thanks again."

- Ed

"Pris, you composed and shared a beautiful tribute about my Grandpa.  You made his service special and lasting in our hearts. I am so thankful you are sharing your gift with others."

- Jennifer

"Pris, we can't thank you enough for the amazing service you did for our Mom.  We all felt it was absolutely perfect and all her friends and our family kept saying that it was a beautiful service and exactly our Mom.  So thank you, thank you, thank you.  Warm thoughts and a million thanks."

- Maureen and all my Sisters

"Hi Priscilla, once again, you have done a great job creating a memorable experience for another of our families, so thank you. I look forward to continue this great working relationship."

- Cesar Gutierrez, Managing Partner, Heritage-Dilday Memorial Services

"The whole experience was amazing.  Just have to let you know that we were stopped by almost everyone telling us how our vows were so meaningful and true to who we are as a couple.  A handful of people said you brought tears to their eyes being so wrapped in the emotions.  Our photographers said 'A couple were so emotional that as we put our rings on our hands, they did the same thing'. That same couple came up to us and said that was the most amazing ceremony they have been to.  THANK YOU!!!"

- Veronica & Christian

"Your ceremony (content and delivery) were exquisite.  Others are not as gifted as you and ceremonies may be bland and expressionless. Your spirit extends both inside and out and creates such a beautiful and multidimensional experience."

- Pandora

"My husband and I were in a bind with a wedding officiant.  We wanted a close friend to marry us since we thought it would be more caring and special.  At the last minute our friend decided to flake out on us.  We were very concerned being only months away from the wedding.  I searched on-line and found Priscilla.  They say things happen for a reason and in the case it was true.  We were so lucky to have stumbled across her web site.  We wanted a ceremony that reflected our love for each other and to include my daughter in the ceremony.  She asked us many questions and details of our hopes and dreams as a couple.  She said that she would send us a personalized ceremony in the next week or so.  When we opened her email it was the most beautiful and romantic outline of our ceremony.  We really had to change nothing.  She nailed it right away.  My husband and I felt that she cared about us so greatly and wanted us to have the most magical evening.  When people ask us what our favorite part of our wedding was.  Our response "Our ceremony!"  Everyone who attended the wedding said they cried for the first time at a wedding and they could feel the love in the room.  Isn't that what the wedding is supposed to be about?  The after party is great but the ceremony is where is all happens.  I would give Priscilla 6 stars out of 5 :-).  I adore her and I am so happy our flakey friend did not marry us.  Warmest,"

- Candice & Erfan

"Priscilla gave us everything we'd hoped for in our ceremony and then some!  She really got to know us, our values and backgrounds, and came to see exactly what we envisioned for our wedding.  Many of our relatives commented on her great delivery and presence, and how she created a unique intimate cozy atmosphere that they hadn't experienced in other weddings.  Throughout the process, she took great care to listen, to work out important details that really helped on the wedding day, and made us feel very special.  All this with a great relaxed enthusiasm and positive energy.  Thank you again so much, and we can hardly imagine all the joy and excitement you must bring to so many couples!"

- Greg & Anya

"Pris, First and foremost thank you so much for being part of such a special event in our lives.  We enjoyed our wedding to the fullest and the ceremony made it that much better.  It was so beautiful and unique, just like you promised it to be.  We loved how you incorporated so much of the things we talked about into our ceremony and truly made it a custom ceremony just for us.  Our friends and family were taken back at just how incredible the ceremony and reception were.  It is truly a day we will never forget and we were so blessed to have had you be part of it.  I wish you the best of luck and pray that you continue doing what you do and provide such an amazing experience for other fortunate couples.  God Bless!"

- Jonathan & Jaime

"Just a few words to express our total gratitude towards you.  I cannot describe how beautifully our ceremony was, but how beautifully you spoke it.  Soft, slow, and full of love.  You're an awesome person, and my wedding was complete because of you.  Thanks again, Pris, and hope to see you one day again!  Love, the new Mr. & Mrs. Zendejas! (& you pronounced it perfectly! =)"

- Tina & Salvador

"Thank you so much for all your heartfelt work towards making our wedding so meaningful and special.  We are so grateful that you were involved in our ceremony planning process and rehearsal, and our wedding day was extra special thanks to you.  We also appreciated the thoughtful wedding folder you compiled for us with your beautiful card and our script and vows printed on such nice keepsake paper.  You are such a wonderful person!  Thank you for sending us on the beginning of our lifelong journey together!"  

- Alexandra & Chris

"We completely forgot to give you the tip envelope, so so sorry!!!  Please be expecting something lovely from Aaron and I in the mail very soon...  Thank you so much for making our wedding such an amazing experience. =)  Everyone LOVED the ceremony, and quite a few actually said it was the best ceremony they have witnessed, ever.  I have had very little sleep this past week and would like to say more but figured it would be best if I wait until after the weekend.  Take care and THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! =)"

- Christine & Aaron

"Thank you so so much.  You did an amazing job and the ceremony was everything we wanted it to be!  I can't tell you how many people commented on how great you were!  Thanks again!  We are so excited to go on our honeymoon and start our journeys!! :)))"

- Melissa & Aaron

"Priscilla, Once again, thank you for everything.  Melissa and I are so fortunate to have had you as our officiant.  From beginning to end I was truly amazed with everything you did.  When we initially searched for an officiant, I never envisioned that we would end up visiting them in their own home.  All of the personal touches and hard work that you put into preparing our ceremony really shone forth.  So many of our family and friends made a point to tell us how amazing you were.  You suceeded in creating an experience that far surpassed any words, and we are all thankful for it.  Melissa and I are really riding on high now.  The wedding was such a great way to begin a new beginning, and energize our lives.  Thank you so much for the pictures.  I will have to sort through ours, and send some to you when we return from the Moon.  With gratitude, respect and love I thank you again."

- Aaron & Melissa

"We wanted to express our deepest gratitude for your incredible work; your contribution and inspiration to our special day.  We are extremely thankful that you are in our lives and will cherish this special bond always. Our deepest love,"

- Aurelie & Simon

"Marcie and I had many conversations as to how and who we should have preside over our wedding nuptials, it was by sure luck that we found you.  Your guidance, understanding and experience was just what we needed, simply put you were outstanding.  I cannot begin to tell you how many people after the wedding approached us and complimented you, everyone loved the service, especially the personal insight you provided to our lives. Since our wedding day I have attended three other weddings.  After each one I have walked away feeling like the officiant was just going through the motions and the personal touch was missing.  With the many choices that are made to make a wedding happen, our number one best choice was having you there with us."

- Bruce & Marcie

"It was such an awesome pleasure to have you as our wedding officiant... meeting you was also a great joy.  You are a very special person and Janice and I were so glad to have met you (that infused water was the best!).  The wedding was perfect and Janice said it was the best day of her life!!  We thank you so much from the depths of our hearts... THANK YOU... THANK YOU... THANK YOU!  We will recommend you to anyone we hear that is getting married...  YOU'RE THE BEST!"

- Janice & Jason

"Hi Pris.  You did an amazing job with our ceremony.  Your personalization of the ceremony made it seem as if you had known us for years.  Our guests were touched with your presentation of the ceremony.  Kelly and I were extremely pleased.  We highly recommend you.  Thank you so much for the hard work you put into this and thank you also for the pictures.  It was a pleasure meeting you!  God bless,"

- Donte & Kelly

"Thank you again for performing the very special wedding, you made it feel sooo special to us, and everyone is still talking about it!  Thank you so very much."

- Bobbi & Charles

"Thank you so much Pris!  Everyone said you did a beautiful job.  They were really impressed.  From both of us, thanks again! Love,"

- Tamara & Efren

"I am back to the grind this am and just wanted you to be the first person I thanked!!  You did a wonderful job and I really cannot express my gratitude!  Everyone told me how unique the ceremony was and what a wonderful job you did!  I happen to agree!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!"

- Amii & Rich

"Just wanted to thank you for being part of our wedding, a huge part.  I remember being really nervous when I walked into the ceremony, but then whenever I looked at you and really listened to your words, I was able to stay in the moment and truly enjoy the process.  Also!  Soooooo many people commented on how great you were!  Usually, I feel like an officiant is at worst, something funny to laugh about or something to grimace over, and at best, forgettable.  I don't know why I've thought that in the past because now, so many of my memories of planning to get married and getting married, have you in my memories, in a great way!  Many thanks,"

- Amy & Eric